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The Top 5 Plumbing Issues

Toilet Backup
A number of causes can create this disturbing problem for many homeowners. A toilet backup is basically defined as the contents refusing to successfully drain and, as a result, return to the surface and potentially spill over the top. The causes can be anything from plastic items being flushed down the toilet, heavy clumps of hair, child toys, or other trivial habits. A particular passage (which must be identified by the plumber himself) of the toilet or drain system has then been clogged with buildup that has created a stubborn wall that cannot simply be plunged back into working condition. A professional plumber has the required skills necessary to identify the source of the problem and use specific products that can release the pressure of buildup without creating home disasters for the owners.

Hot Water Heater Repairs
The problems that involve a hot water heater are much too severe for a home owner to try and remedy. The problem with a hot water heater is that the causes of their malfunction can be anything from age (more than fifteen years of use), a small or increasingly large hole in the boiler, or even a jarred connection to the actual functioning pipes. Plumbers may have to shut off the entire water system to assess the functioning condition of the boiler itself and its connection to the hot water pipes. Once the problem has been identified, the plumber may recommend and install the new boiler, if not use heavy duty supplies to close the hole or fix the malfunction.

Blockages in Plumbing System
Blockages happen to more facilities than the toilet in homes. Blockages can occur in the laundry room pipes, kitchen pipes, and all bathroom pipes. For the laundry room, mildew or waste backup from pipes that aren’t regularly serviced or cleaned can create a poor suction system of drainage for many homeowners who don’t know how to remedy the problem. Many homeowners suffer problems of blockage if they use their garbage disposal for getting rid of various sorts of waste that isn’t limited to egg shells or produce waste. Bathroom blockages are largely a result of hair or personal items getting stuck in the drainage system in the sink, bath tub, shower, or toilet.

Leaking Toilet Seal
A leaking toilet seal is a problem that has to be immediately taken care of, as a lack of action can result in the homeowner facing massive puddles of water in the bathroom. If the toilet has become slightly dislodged or is relatively old, chances are high that the toilet water seal has become jagged or torn. Old toilets (a toilet that hasn’t been replaced in more than fifteen or twenty years) will eventually lose their high level functioning, but if not, the leaking seal will need to be repaired until a new toilet is installed. A toilet can become dislodged possibly for being incorrectly installed by the homeowner.

Low Water Pressure
One of the most annoying problems that homeowners face is low water pressure. This is when sinks, showers, or toilets fail to disperse water at strong levels of intensity. Some examples include a toilet with slow water circulation upon flushing; a shower that doesn’t produce a heavy release of water when specifically set, or a sink’s faucet failing to deliver water at heavy rush quantities. These problems can be a result of two issues: the faucet handles themselves are in accurate fit or aren’t properly set with the pipe system, or there is a problem with the pipes themselves.

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