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Have a plumbing problem that’s driving you crazy in the Cibolo area? Call Parker and Sons Plumbing now at (210) 236-9838.

We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of all of your home’s plumbing systems and proudly service all makes and models. With Parker and Sons Plumbing, you have upfront pricing, 100% guarantee on all services, on-time service, and access to a team of highly trained technicians who are individually specialized in a variety of areas, including water heaters, drain cleaning, clogged toilets, and more, along with extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of plumbing. Whatever issue you come across regarding your home’s plumbing system, we have you covered!

Top 5 Plumbing Issues We Face

Toilet Backup
There might not be anything worse than having a toilet that is not able to flush. If you continue to try to force the issue, you might end up flooding the entire room, but you do need the toilet corrected, as without it you might be knocking on neighbor doors to use the restroom. This problem can turn into a major situation, if not properly cared for, which is why you need to go about it with the assistance of a professional.

Hot Water Heater Repairs
This is one of the more dangerous repairs, and exactly why you need to bring in a professional. The hot water repairs are required, because often times this has something to do with a gas line or similar situation, and if you don’t repair this quickly, you might end up leaking gas into the house, which is very dangerous. Even if you try to do this yourself, you just might make the damage or leak worse, which is why you need to bring in the professionals.

Blockage in Plumbing System
Similar to your toilet, if the sink becomes backed up, you need to bring in a professional plumber. There are harsh chemicals you can use, but this causes damage to the plumbing and can set up further problems later down the road. Instead, you need to seek out the best assistance necessary to correct this kind of situation.

Leaking Toilet Seal
When water is leaking around your toilet, it could be anything from a damaged toilet to the need to replace the seal. Trying to correct the situation yourself might end up further damaging the seat and causing additional problems, which is exactly why you need the help and assistance of a professional, in order to identify the problem and determine what is causing the issue.

Low Water Pressure
A morning shower is one of the best things you can use to wake up, but if there is no water pressure there really isn’t a point. Because of this, you need to call in the professionals, as the low water pressure can range from issues with your water heater to the plumbing itself or the sink you are using. Regardless, the professionals are able to look at the situation and determine the problem.

Quality Service

You will not have to call another plumbing service after enlisting the help of Parker and Sons Plumbing. We provide 24/7 emergency assistance to the San Antonio area. We will send out a highly trained plumbing professional at any time to respond to your plumbing crisis.

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Have a plumbing problem that’s driving you crazy in the Cibolo area? Call Parker and Sons Plumbing now at (210) 236-9838. We have you covered!