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The Top 5 Plumbing Problems

Toilet Backups happen to everyone. This plumbing emergency has people scrambling to contain the filth and germs. Often people see this problem first as just a little too much toilet paper and give it a quick fix. Then, they discover the toilet is backing up frequently. Only then do people realize the serious issue. Sometimes children drop toys in the toilet and it gets trapped in the lines. When the sewer is backing up in any appliance, it is most likely blocked in the pipes. It is possible that when there is toilet backup, you may also have multiple appliance clogged. the kitchen sink or toilet could be draining in the tub or vice versa.

Hot water heater repairs are terribly expensive. New building codes have required upgrades to water heater mounts, new venting systems, new pipes, and drain pans. These new codes were passed to prevent many major repairs. In addition to these requirements, it is a good idea to lush the sediment in the water heater and replace the anode rod once a year. People forget about the water heater because it is usually outside or behind a wall. Out of sight, out of mind, and out of luck when it breaks. If water is not left running or the pipes are not wrapped when temperatures get extremely cold, the hot water heater cracks. The need for hot water requires a fast fix in freezing cold temperatures.

Blockages in the plumbing system are a very common problem. It is in fact the first one that most home owners attempt to fix themselves. Blockages can appear like they are just an average stopped up drain. Everyone tries to tackle this because they sell Drano in the household goods section. Its not even a tool, its just a cleaning agent. So most people figure it can’t hurt just to try it, but if you use Drano incorrectly you can do some serious damage. For example, Drano that just sits in a porcelain bowl heats as it sits and can crack the bowl. The heat can also melt the ring. If it gets hot enough, it can explode and all the pipes would need replacing. If you have plastic pipes in your home, the Drano can eat through them quickly. Drano used frequently enough can eat through metal pipes. The problem is that the average homeowner can’t tell if he has a little hair in his sink or if a branch has grown through his lower pipes. Professionals can tell the difference and can address this problem more efficiently when called first.

A leaking toilet seal is a frequent concern for homeowners. There are several reasons a seal could be leaking. The wax ring may be broken. Water could be backed up somewhere down the line and placing pressure on the seal. Faulty seals alone do not cause water to escape the flange. If the line is free, the water should flow away. By the time, a seal is cracked the line usually has a blockage somewhere. When you have one problem, another is most likely present. Having your plumbing regularly maintained by a professional will prevent this problem.

Low Water Pressure can be caused by a number of problems. It could be something simple like an old water filter or the water valve not completely open. There could be a leak somewhere in the line. The fixture could be clogged by many things such as a buildup of mineral sediment in the pipes. The pipes may be so old that they just need to be replaced. You could have a broken pressure regulator. If the water pressure is lower than it is set on at the regulator at the main valve, a licensed plumber will need to replace the regulator.

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