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Top 5 Plumbing Related Issues

Toilet Backup
A clogged toilet can cause septic tank issues. When a septic tank clogs, it can spill outdoors, which will result in foul smelling waste near the spill location. Damage to sewer lines, blocked sewer lines, and lack of enzymes are the main causes of septic tank issues. Heavy duty vehicles can damage sewer lines due to the amount of pressure they place on the ground. Tree roots can penetrate sewer lines which causes the roots to block incoming sewage. Bacteria and enzymes turn solid waste into sludge. When there are not enough of these elements in waste, the sewage lines become clogged.

Hot Water Heater Repairs
Water heater problems are usually caused by leaks in the water heater, or by there not being enough hot water. Cracks inside the water heater cause water heater leaks. When a crack occurs in the water heater, the system needs to be replaced by a professional plumber. If the pilot light is turned off, the water heater will not heat the water in your home. Lighting a pilot light is dangerous, and it should only be done by a skilled plumber.

Blockages In Plumbing System
There are several things that can cause blockages in your plumbing system. Weather damage, food and hard water are the most common causes of blockages in plumbing systems. During rainstorms, leaves can accumulate in pipes. Hot oil and chunks of food can also clog pipes. Calcium in the water can also make it hard for water to pass through pipes. It is important to call a plumber before attempting to repair a clogged drain. What looks like a small problem, could actually be a large problem that needs to be repaired by plumbing professionals.

Leaking Toilet Seal
The wax seal underneath the toilet helps keep the toilet area sanitary. When the wax seal is outdated, water will leak onto the floor. A foul odor, water at the bottom of the toilet and a moving toilet can indicate the seal needs to be replaced. If the seal is not replaced, it can damage the flooring and wood beneath the floor. When you notice one or more of these things occurring, you should call a plumber to replace the wax seal on your toilet.

Low Water Pressure
There are several things that cause low water pressure; one of the most common problems is clogged or leaky pipes. Frozen pipes will cause a slow water flow. We can inspect the situation and provide a plan of action to restore proper water pressure.

Quality Service

You will not have to call another plumbing service after enlisting the help of Parker and Sons Plumbing. We provide 24/7 emergency assistance to the San Antonio area. We will send out a highly-trained plumbing professional at any time to respond to your plumbing crisis.

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